Some Links

EDUCATION (with a STEM focus)
Scratch, a visual programming language from MIT. Great fun.
Scratch is for Educators. Teachers, consider using Scratch in your classroom.
ScratchED. Resources and forums for educators using Scratch.
eGFI, resources for STEM education. There is a huge amount of good material on this site.
Frontline: some of the best journalism on TV
Oxfam America Creating lasting solutions to poverty, hunger, and social injustice
The Nature Conservancy Saving the last great places
The Access Fund
National Parks Conservation Association
The Sierra Club
Human Rights Watch
Union of Concerned Scientists
PBS (A large site with tons of information)
Science Debate
Rob Galbraith DPI Camera lens tests, user reviews, camera accessory reviews Digital Cameras - Lens Tests - Canon News and Rumors - Canon EOS FAQ and more...
Digital Camera Reviews
Digital Camera Tracker
Camera Labs Digital Camera, Digital SLR and Lens Reviews, Workshops, News
PopPhoto's HowTo Arhive: The Best Photography Tips, Tricks and Tools Anywhere in the World - PopPhoto Sports Photography and Photojournalism for Professional Photographers and Photography
Nature Photographers
Norman Koren photography: images and tutorials
Complete Digital Photography
Digital Photography Tutorials (Cambridge In Color)
Digital Photography School Digital Photography Tips for You
The Luminous Landscape
HDRsoft - Photomatix Create and tone map HDR images
hugin Panorama photo stitcher
Paint Shop Pro I use this image editor because it's more full-featured than Photoshop Elements but doesn't cost as much as Photoshop CS. I find Paint Shop Pro to be a very annoying program, but I'm not paying $600+ for Photoshop.
PHOTOGRAPHY: Misc Techniques
The Orton Effect
The Onion: "Tu Stultes Es." America's finest cultural, social, and political commentary.
Space Weather Aurora forecasts, sun spots, etc.
SpaceFlight Now
SSEC Real Time Data of weather, volcanoes.
Climbing Since 1970
Rock and Ice
National Geographic
National Geographic Adventure
Scientific American
The Atlantic (aka Atlantic Monthly)
Merriam Webster Word-of-the-day. Improve your vocabulary. Dictionary, thesaurus, etc.

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