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I played setter for the 1996-1997 Michigan Technological University Club Volleyball Team. We (the MTU Volleyball Club) were invited and attended the NIRSA Collegiate Volleyball Sport Club Nationals which were held in April 1997 in Tucson, Arizona. We were ranked 19th in the nation entering the national tournament. We placed 22nd our of 48 division II teams, and knocked off the sixth seeded team during the tournament.

We also placed second in the NIVC and I earned an all-conference team honor.

Travelling team members of the 1996-1997 Michigan Tech Club Volleyball Team

Back Row: Jeremy Walworth, Matt Lorenz
Middle Row: Mark Thomas, Scott "Scooter" Hagen, Steve T. Anderson, Cort Prois
Bottom Row: Todd Hahn, Kurt Gitzlaff, Kevin ?last name?

Other members of 1996-1997 team: Marc O'Malley (ACL blowout midseason), Jamal Al-Shamma, Jacob Himes, Scott Reay

Todd Hahn sets Matt Lorenz.

Todd Hahn, setter.

1996-1997 Michigan Tech Men's Club Volleyball setter, Todd Hahn, forcing a "1".

Todd jump-setting
Todd setting.

Todd jump sets
Todd sets Cort Prois.

Todd jump sets
Todd setting Mark Thomas.

Steve Anderson spikes over a block
Steve Anderson.

Matt Lorenz attacking
Matt Lorenz, middle hitter.

Steve Anderson hitting over a block
Steve Anderson, opposite hitter against the Minnesota II team.

A quick-set for Matt Lorenz
Matt Lorenz hitting a "1".

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