Glacier Peak Wilderness and Indian Head Peak

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  • Backcountry camping trip in the Glacier Peak Wilderness area of the Wenatchee National Forest and Mt. Baker National Forest.
  • Successful ascent of Indian Peak (west summit) from the Pacific Crest Trail
  • September 3-6, 2013
  • ~26+ miles
  • ~6000+ feet of elevation gain
  • Cody Addison, John Nash, Todd Hahn

September 3, 2013

Started up the North Fork Sauk trail late in the day -- about 6pm. We had a late morning flight arrival in Seattle, followed by obtaining groceries, fuel, misc items and stopping at the Forest Service Station in Darrington.

The forecast was not good--lots of rain and thunderstorms.

Sloan Peak as seen from the North Fork Sauk trail.

Log crossing the North Fork of the Sauk River where the Pilot Ridge trail meets the river.

September 4, 2013

We camped just before Red Creek. We had hiked the last two hours of the day before by headlamp.

Mackinaw shelter.

Blueberry bushes.

3000 feet plus elevation gain this day.

White Pass with Indian Head Peak in the background

White Pass

One of the privvies at the campsites below White Pass.

Cooking near the campsites below White Pass.

Sunset at White Pass looking down the North Fork of the Sauk River Sloan Peak

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